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I recently went and interviewed with a local Denton orthodontics specialist.  I heard that they were looking for an assistant through a friend of mine, whose daughter had been a client of theirs.  In talking to this friend and her daughter, I was so impressed with this office and how they treated her as a patient.  They were all about the client and her desires for her “smile”.  They did not just start by telling her what she needed, but asked her what was important TO her before going into their recommendations.  This impressed me because I had previously worked for a place where they were more concerned about the money and how many clients they could have come through their door.

I called and see if they were still hiring, and fortunately, they were.  They emailed me an application immediately upon hanging up and set an interview for the next business day. The application was a pretty typical one and I filled out the form and did some research of their office online and found they had another location in Krum.

The day of the interview, I made sure I ate a good breakfast.  I did not want my stomach to be growling mid interview because that would be embarrassing.  I also wanted to be sure that my brain was sharp for answering questions.  I dressed in crisp business attire and made sure I was well groomed.  I was set and headed out the door.

Upon my arrival to the dental office in Denton, I was very impressed with how beautiful the waiting room was decorated.  It was more like a nice home and not like a doctor’s office.  They even had Christian music playing which told me a lot about the orthodontist.    There were a few people in the waiting room still.  My interview was supposed to be during their lunch time because they closed the office during that time to insure everyone who worked there got to eat which was another thing that stood out to me on the positive side.

I was greeted by a very nice receptionist who let me know that she would inform the orthodontist that I was there.  By the way, I made sure to arrive early.  I would not want to arrive late and make a bad impression.  She told me I was welcome to sit in the waiting room until they were able to call me back.

I was only sitting there less than 10 minutes before being called back to his office where I was greeted by the doctor and another staff member.  I was very impressed by their professional demeanor.  During the interview, they made me feel very comfortable in spite of my nervousness.  I was asked about my past work experience and why I left that job.  I informed them of my training and what I hoped to learn from him and his office should I be hired.  He asked me what my strengths and weaknesses were in my opinion.  The interview was about 30 minutes long and I left feeling very good about what I said and very good about the possibility of working with them.

I was called later on that afternoon and offered the job.  I was so excited and turned in my two week notice immediately at my current job.  I do believe that my being prepared before going, helped me to get that job.  That is my encouragement to you anytime you go for a job interview.  Be prepared.

Here are my suggestions for being prepared: 1) Make sure you have at least two copies of your resume in hand, on clean, crisp paper to hand to your future employer, even if you have already given them one.  2) Whether you go in to the office or call on the phone to their office, ALWAYS use your best manners and speak clearly.  3) The day of the interview, eat a good breakfast or lunch or snack before your interview. No one wants to hear your stomach and food helps your brain.  4) Dress appropriately for the job you are interviewing for.  No wrinkled clothes and not messy hair. You need to be well groomed, and no perfume or cologne.    5) Be yourself!

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