The Importance of Public Speaking Today

Even if you don’t attend conferences or make regular presentations in front of your colleagues, there are many reasons why you need to improve public speaking skills. This can help you in your future career and create more opportunities.

One situation is when you are asked to talk about your company at a conference, make a speech after receiving an award, or invited as a guest speaker in a university or campaigns. Public speaking also involves online presentations or small talks; in case when you’re training or handling a virtual team, or when speaking to a group of customers in an online meeting.

Today, it is necessary to have good public speaking skills if you want to have better career opportunities. It is also important in other aspects of your life. You might be asked to make a speech at a friend’s birthday celebration, weddings, give eulogy for a loved one, or give an inspirational message to a group of youth and volunteers at a charity event.

To simply put it, being able to speak in public can reflect your reputation and character. This can also boost your confidence and open up several opportunities as you need to speak to your boss regarding your promotion or career advancement, or even get evaluated by a group of panel. Failing to connect or explain your side effectively may affect this opportunity.

Since public speaking is a skill, you can develop or enhance this with research, practice and application. Here are some ways to become a better speaker:

Planning ahead of time

Yup, practice makes it perfect. In fact, even the well-experienced public speakers do a lot of practice before they deliver their speech in public. Practicing everyday can help you improve your communication skills. Remember, consistency is the main key to success. Use tools that can help you. Some of the popular helpful kits are the Rhetorical Triangle, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, and the 7 C’s of Communication. This will help you on how to structure your upcoming speech. There are also helpful reading materials online and apps you can use. You can also hire a private instructor or attend seminars for more knowledge and enhance your skills.

When writing a speech, think about when you’re reading a blog or looking for products and services. What made it grab your attention? Same thing goes when delivering a speech; you have to get everyone’s attention from the introduction and your conclusion. Set the tone and mood of your audience.

For example, you can start by sharing an interesting statistic or thought provoking questions. Start with your speech with flare and end it with a “bang”. You can also use story telling where your audience can relate with your experience.


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